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*Environmental Property Assessments:
Phase I-Assess the probablitites of environmental impairment of properties to provide some assurance that a property does not carry hidden liabilities. Industry standard ASTM e 1527-97 is followed.

*Federal & State Reporting:

Prepare Tier II reports, calculate and prepare Form R reports and complete state hazardous waste quarterly or annual reports. 

*Spill Control and Countermeasure Plans:

Prepare SPCC Plans for facility with oil storage in excess of 1,320 gallons or one container larger than 660 gallons, required by 40 CFR 112.

*Facility Response Plans

Plans are prepared following the Oil Pollution Act of 1990,  40 CFR 112.20.

*Regulatory Compliance Audits:

Comprehensive investigation of the client’s status relative to EPA Environmental regulations and OSHA Employee Health and Safety regulations. Resulting reports provide the client with practical solutions to discovered shortcomings and problems. Reports provide information intended to implement decisions.

*PEL Compliance Advisory Regulatory Tracking Service:

Profile is developed of the company and notices are sent when a regulation isadded or changed that will affect the company.

*OSHA Hazard Communication Programs:

Programs are custom written to the specific workplace including maps showing necessary information. Provide “First Responder Awareness Training” and provide Emergency Guides.

*OSHA Lock Out/Tag Out Programs:

Prepare a program tailored specifically to the equipment and energy systemspresent.

*OSHA Confined Space:

Program is written to meet the requirements as defined by OSHA.

*OSHA Fork Lift Training

*OSHA Hazard Analysis

*OSHA Process Safety Management:
Program is written to meet the requirements as defined by OSHA.

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